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Very Outspoken And Charismatic Breeze DTA Is A Rapper,Actor, Martial Artist, Former Model & Baseball Player Out Of Miami Florida 


In his spare time he likes to practice Martial Arts and Compete, go to the beach and play volleyball or write to music. He also enjoys the gym and reading cook books to learn new healthy meal recipies for food.

In the year 2010 he opened up for Ludacris who happens to be one of his Favorite Artists at the James L Knight Center in Miami.


In the Year 2012 he encountered many hardships both personally and financially which caused him to put a pause on his music Career for almost 2 Years. Now he is Refocused with new purpose and determination. He is Now set to release a "Mixtape" called "Setbacks&Comebacks" that will explain everything in his life, from losing friends, bad relationships, and childhood memories that he will never forget. He is also working on his first album which will be a continuation of his Mixtape but will go even deeper and more personal with his music and life.

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Thoughts Of A Confession Music Video

Weekend Remix (SZA) Breeze DTA Feat All'n  

" For The Record" Live

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